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Personality Centric Selling Online Course


All The Tools You Need To Increase Sales, Reduce Turnover, and Build Stronger Relationships!


In this recorded Personality Centric Selling Webinar, you'll learn

  • How to leverage Personality Styles for greater sales success.
  • About me, and my experiences with helping sales teams achieve superior sales results.
  • A few Case Studies that demonstrate the results you can expect.
  • Details about the 8 Modules of training.
  • The ROI you can expect. 

The Personality Centric Selling Online Course includes 8 Modules with 35 Lessons, each with a recorded video by Stu Schlackman, The Relationship Selling Expertplus a pile of resources to help you USE what you learn.

Increase Your Sales with Personality Centric Selling!


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Highlights of Stu’s Program Offerings


In the world of sales, Stu is recognized as one of the foremost speakers. Stu illustrates his key foundations for refining sales approaches to augment customer loyalty while increasing revenues.

As a seasoned trainer and coaching pro, Stu nimbly guides sellers toward a deeper understanding of their own personal styles and how to recognize their prospective and current clients’ communication preferences, decision-making, and value systems. The Four People Personality Style Assessment, created by Stu facilitates these exercises.

Each of Stu’s Programs Concentrates on these Objectives:

Create long-term, trust-based  relationships 

Increase the  win rate for new business 

Shorten the sales cycle

Better time management



“Stu’s engagement with our sales team had a profound impact in the 2nd half of 2019. Through his coaching, our field sales team doubled in activity and pipeline, resulting in a strong 4th quarter performance. Stu is an expert sales coach and has the ability to communicate practical/tactical advice in a way that sales teams quickly embrace.”

Michael Kornegay | Chief Revenue Officer, Omnigo Software


“As the founder and CEO of Image Skincare, I value the enormous contribution Stu Schlackman had made to our organization.  He has taught our domestic and international sales team the importance of knowing and understanding the 4 colors. His enthusiasm, professionalism, and ability to translate a personality to truly closing a sale has made a significant improvement in our bottom line sales.

His unique and engaging presentations have made such a difference in our confidence in selling more, better. If you need more sales, Stu Schlackman should be on every sales organizations stage. Truly a world class educator and sales enthusiast.”

Janna Ronert
Founder/CEO, Image Skin Care

“If you are looking to motivate your sales team and add a new dimension to their sales skills, Stu Schlackman’s personality styles workshop is a must. He had our team enthused, excited and eager to go out and apply his concepts.

By applying the principles learned in the workshop and clearly laid out in Stu’s book, “Four People You Should Know”, our team became much more effective at understanding how to build stronger relationships with their prospects and clients.

Our Associates have not stopped talking about the impact this knowledge has had on their interpersonal relationships.”

Howard Elias
Chairman/CEO, Wealth Advisory Group LLC