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Missing Sales Goals?

Finally say goodbye to missed goals and high turnover!


Sellers often stress about setting new business appointments which makes them feel even more insecure about outreach. They think they need a new skill or trick up their sleeve to pierce the obstacles in their way.

But what they really need is a better understanding of their prospects. The real problem is that they don’t know how their prospects, even clients buy. And if you don’t know that, how can you be successful at meeting their needs?



With these skills, everyone will be hitting their stretch goals!

The real solution to meeting and exceeding your goals is to thoroughly understand how your prospects and customers buy.

If sales training alone were the solution, you’d probably already be succeeding at higher levels. We flip the script, putting the power in the hands of your clients. Your job is to understand them and their approach, serving their process, not yours.

The process I created is called Personality Centric Selling.


It features four pillars:

  • The Four People Personality Style Assessment
  • Relationship Selling
  • Individual Centered Leadership
  • Relationship & Science Integration

By using this process, you will:

  • Increase new business
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Reduce turnover
  • Increase your win rate

Imagine how these results could transform your department, build confidence, expand your influence, and enhance everyone’s career.

I have used this exact process quite successfully myself for years, and my clients have shared powerful and positive results when they work with me. One recent client has increased top line revenue by 25% in the past five years – all while living through widespread shutdowns in the country.




The purpose of this training module is to explore personality, why it's important, what it is, and how it impacts your personal life and career, allowing you to better relate to others to build stronger long-term relationships.

When you add Personality Styles to your sales strategies, you’ll gain a whole new perspective on the selling process for both sellers and leaders. Sellers will more effectively expand their client base and you’ll provide better, more targeted coaching to everyone on your team.

You can expect to increase revenue, close more new business, shorten your sales cycle, and as a leader groom your salespeople for the long term by reducing team turnover.


Here is what you will get:

8 Modules, 35 Lessons, over 200 minutes of recorded training; one for each Lesson

Topics include:

◦  What’s Your Style?

◦  How to Identify the Style of Others?

◦  How each Style communicates, makes decisions, handles risk, and what they value.

◦  Why the key to success is understanding how THEY buy, not how you sell.



The Four People Personality Style Process is designed to help you better understand how your clients and prospects buy.

Unlike other programs, we focus on how your market buys, working to genuinely understand their needs, patterns, and beliefs.

Because when you do it our way you can finally experience the kind of sales impact you dream of.

Because we know you care about your career and your team, we give you a way to make both succeed!

Clients Rave About Working with Stu!

"Without doubt, Stu Schlackman is one of the most informative and inspiring instructors available today. Altogether with his Personality Assessment, the Sales Leadership and Relationship Building sessions delivered for our clients were well structured with relevant exercises. I would strongly recommend Stu’s training workshops to help improve leadership abilities and management skills."


Michael McGowan | Founder & President, The McGowan Team

“Stu’s perspective on personality and its role in how people process information and make decisions has helped our sales team have more profound impact on their audience in a way we were not equipped to do before. Half the battle in sales is connecting in a meaningful way and building trust. Stu presents a master workshop on doing just that! Not only has this affected our customer relationships, but we have developed stronger team chemistry by knowing what makes each other tick. For anyone looking for a practical way to better connect with prospects, clients, and coworkers, I highly recommend Stu’s personality tool and training.”

Kevin Cree | Vice President of Sales for Institutional Investors, RealPage, Inc.

"Stu’s unique personality assessment is easy and fun, and helps teams understand the unique strengths that they and their colleagues bring to the table. His program has helped our associates to improve communication and collaboration with one another, harness the power of their own preferred working styles, and appreciate the ways in which diverse personality types serve to strengthen our organization. I highly recommend Stu’s approach, as it continues to create a lasting positive impact on our career development efforts as well as our company as a whole."


Kerry Hrenko | Vice President, Career Development, Avenue5 Residential

Module Curriculum Overview

Foundation Module

The Relationship Selling Secret


Exploring personality in the world of sales

This module is about being aware of your personality style and how it relates to leadership and sales.

This program will give you a new awareness as it relates to relationship selling. In the end, you will understand how to better connect with other personality styles.

Understanding personality will give you more insight to others. And it will allow you to better relate to others from their perspective.
The result is an increase in new business, an improved win rate, increased revenue and reduce sales turnover. You will be able to assess your sales opportunities more accurately by being aware of your salespeople’s style as well as your customers.


What You'll Achieve with This Module:

  • Understand your style and how it impacts your leading and selling.
  • Understand the role of emotional intelligence and how it can be improved by understanding your personality style.
  • The top 6 business skills and how you can improve your emotional intelligence.

Module 01

Understanding the Four People Personality Styles


This module addresses what each personality values, how the make decisions, how they view risk, what motivates them, and how they communicate.

This module is about how each personality has unique characteristics for interaction with others.

At the end, you will have a better understanding of how to interact with each personality style and it will allow you to better connect with each personality style from their perspective without having to any longer experience controversy and frustration without knowing why.

By understanding each personality styles values, decision making style, view of risk, motivations, and communication style you will better connect.


What You'll Achieve with This Module:

  • Position value from their perspective.
  • Understand when to ask for commitment and when not to.
  • Know if they will take risk.
  • What motivates them to action.
  • How to better connect by communicating from their perspective.

Module 02

Understanding the Four People Personality Styles


The unique characteristics of the four personality styles

This module is about how each personality style sees life from their perspective and what’s important to them.

At the end, you will have a better understanding of how to relate to each style and it will allow you to build stronger relationships with your salespeople and customers without having to any longer guess what’s important to your salespeople or your customers.


What You'll Achieve with This Module:

  • Understand the characteristics of each style to better connect.
  • Be aware of what causes conflict so you can better manage the issues.
  • Awareness of the differences between each style to adjust accordingly.
  • Their view of rules so you can manage expectations.

Module 03

How Leaders Can Identify & Connect with the Four People Personality Styles


How to adjust to the personality styles of your team members

This module is about understanding the characteristics of your team members and how to better connect.

At the end, you will have greater trust, loyalty, and better team performance and it will allow you to invest more in your salespeople to increase their success without having to change team members as often and gain more customer loyalty.


What You'll Achieve with This Module:

  • Improve connecting & relating to each member.
  • Better connect by knowing their communication style.
  • Understand each style’s motivation to improve performance.
  • Know how to empathize with each style to build stronger relationships.

Module 04

Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of each Personality Style


The strengths & weaknesses of each style and how it relates to the brain and managing objections

This module is about maximizing success by being aware of each style's strengths and weaknesses.

At the end, you will be able to leverage individuals' strengths and help them reduce their weaknesses and it will allow you to be more open and supportive knowing their style’s needs without having to second guess team member frustrations and manage expectations.


What You'll Achieve with This Module:

  • Leverage team member strengths for increased performance.
  • Minimize weaknesses to improve productivity.
  • Left/Right brain characteristics for more insight.
  • Better manage objections when they arise.

Module 05

Effective Selling to each Personality Style


How each personality style sells and how they buy

This module is about understanding how each of the styles sell, and how they buy.

At the end, you will be able to relate to the customer from their perspective.

And it will allow you to give the customer what’s most important to them based on their style.
Without having to any longer experience the resistance that might be caused be your style being different from the customer’s.


What You'll Achieve with This Module:

  • Build strong trust-based relationships.
  • Better connect with each style from their perspective.
  • Close more business based on the right sales strategy.
  • Close in the right way with each style to move the sale forward.

Module 06

How to Use Personality Styles to be a Better Sales Coach


How to improve your sales coaching by utilizing the styles of the four personality styles

This module is about better connecting with your salespeople by adjusting to their personality styles.

At the end, you will have a better understanding of your salespeople’s needs and how you can best help them and it will allow you to gain the trust and loyalty of your salespeople for the long term. Effective coaching will help prevent turnover and a lack of engagement by your team members.


What You'll Achieve with This Module:

  • Become a more effective sales coach.
  • Improved sales performance.
  • Improve managing and mitigating conflict.
  • Better connection and interaction with your salespeople.
  • Improved coaching skills for greater team performance.

Module 07

Implementing Personality Style Strategies for Success


Implementing Personality Centric Selling for coaching and sales success

This module is about implementing the program for improved coaching and sales.

At the end, you will be successful at using personalities to improve coaching and sales performance and it will allow you to invest in your sales team’s future for growth without having to any longer experience shifting salespeople around to different customers, keeping sales facing more consistent.


What You'll Achieve with This Module:

  • Improved sales performance.
  • Successful implementation of the program.
  • Make informed decisions and adjustments based on the results of the metrics.
  • Sellers see their performance review as a benefit and a roadmap to success.
  • A heightened awareness of each style’s characteristics.

Cost and Value



The Personality Centric Selling Online Course should cost thousands based on the years of sales success that went into designing this course. But I want to make the magic of Personality Styles accessible to all teams, even those with a small budget.


Many clients hire me to work with them 1:1, offering ongoing coaching, training, and sales rep support. And they spend thousands per month for that level of hands-on guidance. Because you’re one of the charter members of my Personality Centric Selling community, you can register for a fraction of those fees. And, for a small premium, you can invest in the VIP Package that includes working directly with me LIVE!


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📓 8 Modules
👨‍🏫 35 Lessons
📽️ Over 200 minutes of in-depth Video Training!
📖 50+ Page Personality Centric Selling Workbook with Activities, Quizzes, and Resources.

The Actual Value


Huge Value! 8 Modules. 35 Lessons. Over 200 Minutes of Training.


Invest in a surefire strategy to skyrocket your sales, cut down on turnover, boost your average sales figures, and skyrocket your win rate.

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  • Exclusive Access to Live Q&A Sessions
  • Certificate of Completion Upon Finishing
  • Ongoing Support and Updates
  • A use license for up to 8 team members/users


Installment Price

Installment of  two payments is only available on the 

VIP Package.


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VIP Package


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Receive everything in the Standard Package Offer, PLUS

  • Pay Upfront: One Single Payment of $797 only!
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  • Detailed Workbook with activities for each Lesson
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Pre-Course Coaching Session – 60-minutes
  • Post-Course Action Planning Session – 90 -minutes
  • 25 Skill Cards – postcards with key information about each Personality Style to share with each team member.
  • Links to sales training videos and articles.
  • A use license for up to 8 team members/users


Installment Price

 Applicable for 2-months installment

$398.50/month x 2



VIP Package Unlocks Big Bonuses


Exciting Bonus!

The VIP Package offers 1:1 coaching before and after the Course.


When you buy the VIP Package you’ll get hands-on help with engaging your team in the process, then after the course, you’ll get help creating strategies to make sure that the learning is used and you get the results promised. 


No more “buy it and forget it” – Stu will help you make sure that the results more than justify the investment.


With the rapidly changing world of business, knowing how your clients buy can be the difference between hitting stretch goals, and barely limping along. Use this secret weapon to maximize your ROI!

No Risk. All Reward Guarantee!


Our Commitment to You


You can use the Online Course at any time. If after using the Course for 90 days, you do not see any improvement in your sales metrics, we will be glad to refund your investment - because our goal is your sales success!

Just show us that you truly did use the program and didn’t get good results. That’s all!

I’m Stu Schlackman – The Relationship Selling Expert

My passion is training salespeople to take their success to the next level. I realized that all the personality tools that are in the market have not addressed many of the interactions that take place in selling. I decided to develop my own personality tool that is color-coded and easy to put into use when selling to clients and leading a sales team. I’ve built an entire program around the interactions taking place around value, decision making, managing objections, motivation and communicating with personality styles that are different from yours.

I started my career as a mechanical engineer and after 8 years, I realized that I wasn’t being fulfilled. A good friend of mine who I ended up working for later convinced me that I needed to be in sales. I changed my career and have been in sales now for 40 years, which included 10 years of sales leadership and 5 years of sales training before I decided to start my own company in 2004.

I have worked with major companies such as AT&T, HP, Avnet Computer, TikTok, and other world class companies that were looking to take their sales teams to greater success.

I created my program out of the passion to deliver skills training that does not exist in the market. This program is unique and has had outstanding success in helping sales leaders and salespeople adjust their style to that of the client.

And what makes this program even more unique is that it focuses on how clients buy – not on how people sell. That’s what I’m passionate about. 

My main goal is sales leadership and sales success by helping teams win more new business, increase revenue, obtain a higher win rate, and most of all reduce sales turnover.

I care about helping companies improve their sales through my proven program. My goal is your success! It’s rewarding when I see a big improvement in the success of sales organizations. I believe that the results rule.




  • New to sales leadership.
  • Seasoned sales leaders and salespeople who aspire to leadership.
  • Sales leaders who are looking to improve the performance of their salespeople.
  • Salespeople to improve their individual performance and successfully meet their sales targets.
  • Sales teams that are looking to bring their performance level to new heights.




  • Those who resist change.
  • Those who don’t believe that sales skills training can make a difference in their results.
  • Sales leaders who are fine with their sales team's performance.
  • Salespeople that think they don’t need to improve their performance.

The Power of Your Choice


The cost of iInvesting in this program is just a small percentage of the potential revenue that can be generated by understanding how to lead and sell to the four Personality Styles, based on how they buy.

This investment will increase sales revenue, new business, a higher win rate, and a shorter sales cycle.

Not investing can cause you to miss out on the potential revenue gains when adopting the new skills that this program offers.

You can see results from this program in as little as 45 days and will continue paying dividends for years to come.


Frequently Asked Questions

Personality Centric Selling Online Course

Leveraging Personality Styles for Sales Success

Our goal is for you to overachieve your sales quota on a consistent basis quarter after quarter.


Here is what you will receive:

◦  Tools to better communicate with the four personality styles.

◦  Understand how to better coach your salespeople as a leader.

◦  Better meet the needs of the customer based on their personality style.

◦  Build long-term relationships based on trust and value.

Standard Package Offer: $697 only!


Or you can invest in our VIP Package which include 2 ½ hours of coaching, skill cards, articles, and links to relevant videos.





For further questions or help with your purchase please an email to [email protected].



Every effort has been made to accurately represent this offer. If you find any discrepancies in the offer and what you receive, please bring them to Stu’s attention for a remedy. Send an email to [email protected].